Alright, alright, I admit it – I don’t only shop at thrift stores. I visit the online mall monster pretty frequently too. It’s (yet another) facet of my obsession with clothing. But because I’m a steadfast bargain hunter, I tend to buy new things only when they’re on sale.

Take for example the three pieces I recently bought to wear this fall/winter season: a zippered merino sweater from J Crew, a mid-weight fatigue jacket (also from J Crew), and an incredibly warm blanket scarf from Zara. Although they weren’t as inexpensive as my thrift store finds, I waited until they went on sale and managed to get some pretty good deals. I’m thrilled to have some ultra current pieces to mix in with my second hand finds! Check it out:


For my ‘new’ sweater fix of the season I chose the ‘Merino Wool Asymmetrical Zip Sweater‘ from J Crew. The deep side zip makes it a little more interesting than your average crew neck, but it’s still classic enough that I’ll wear it for years and it works with just about everything I already own.

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